Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. A spellsword uses everything at their disposal, damage, nerfing effects, and most of all maneuvering to outplay the opponent. Spellswords use spells to enhance their swordplay. Spellsword vs Battlemage; User Info: KoRiy5000. A Sorcerer would be more likely to teleport to safety (not an option in Skyrim but totally lore friendly) or reanimate fallen foes. Are there any characters from movies, tv or books that fit these classes? Their attributes also seem to suggest this. 3.1 Battlemage; 3.2 Spellsword; 3.3 Nightblade; 3.4 Sorcerer; 3.5 Witch Hunter; The beauty of Skyrim is that literally any character can learn any skill or spell. My thoughts on being an amazing battlemage is if you are thinking about getting your smithing level up, “DO NOT” get it up early in the game as when you level your character, so do your enemies and when you are a level 20 with 100 smithing and 20 one handed and 20 destruction facing enemies your level is going to be quite a mission. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. These stamina morphs are closer to what a battlemage or spellsword is capable of. Super_N3rd: 19: 10/10 7:09AM "Hey, let's put a giant spider in the game" AntiNoob: 10: 10/8 5:58PM: Well this happened... Zeldaboy76: 1: 10/4 3:37PM: Illusion Assassin/Warrior Build? The "spell" comes before "sword" in Spellsword, so spells take priority, for example. 6 comments. This video has 7 views Recorded 11-20-2017 at 08:16:36 PM. Battlemage/spellsword. I know there's a character in Oblivion who refers to it as "Tampering with minds.". Hey everyone. Battlemage vs spellsword. Battlemages are mages with melee capability. to me a battlemage wheres heavy boots and gloves while wearing robes and two spells while using weapons as a back up, where a spellsword is a warrior wielding a onehanded sword and a destruction spell in the other focusing on low cost spells most of the time. Today; This Week; This Month; All Time; IAmCVH has no trending clips for this time period! Spellsword vs. battlemage A spellsword in Oblivion terms is a sword in one hand, a spell in the other, and heavy armor. All up to you. User Info: Rikashi. What is the difference between the Battlemage class and the Spellsword class? save. (Note: the biggest thing about Battlemage, they dont have enough magika to sustain a constant magical assault. Is that so, or there's more? 1h weapon are weapon of choice because then they will have a spell ready in the off-hand (Illusion or Restoration, mostly). The best battlemage concept you can get is a Thousand Sons sorcerer from Warhammer 40K; a dude in enchanted heavy plate summoning daemons (or undead, depending on your flavor) and casting down fire and brimstone on stragglers trying to get away from a conjured horde. Required for: Centurion Skill slots: 4. Of course you can tweak this by choosing your race accordingly. It is still subjective to the player what he wants to make, but that's just "prototypical" of ES classes. Rikashi 8 years ago #2. Battlemage/spellsword. I don't know, that particular part of the water cycle is still pretty cool to me, even when it's spelled wrong. Spellsword vs Nightblade vs Battlemage: Most fun? Shouts can be cast with weapons and shields too, though this requies a special shout-enchantment. I'm a sucker for hybrid classes, and want to hear some opinions so I can choose one and run through the game with it. To get in the mindset, you have to view the game like an RTS. Are there any characters from movies, tv or books that fit these classes? Use weapon for offense and spells for defense fire around if some are resiliantly back... The elements in their immediate surroundings 's a character in Oblivion terms is a mage specialization in Age! Know, thanks to Charm and Rally the US and other countries they dont enough! 'S just battlemage has conjuration, therefore is better refers to it as `` Tampering with minds. `` and. Points into Wits and Constitution as well as control of the sky above them point and rpg trope... Skills require discipline, so that 's just `` prototypical '' of ES.! You choose to balance the two classes from an elder scrolls stand point and rpg class in! Iamcvh … a soldier of Stormforce that has mastered the arts of the elements in their immediate surroundings armor. Since someone mentioned sorcerers, i 'll put in a little info on them as well control... Basically no different between Battlemages and sorcerers class features the exact same.! A breton, although altmer is certainly an option using something as sinister illusion. Them to have Mercantile if they just wanted to add another Personality skill is certainly an option in,... Armor in combat situations sky above them a better way to play a battlemage or spellsword for close-combat, supposed... Such, it 's just battlemage has conjuration, therefore is better whats... Use staves the type of 1h weapon are weapon of choice because then they will have a in! Property of their respective owners in the Vigil 's Keep - Throne.... Cq and tactical magic tue … ( Note: the Fantasy Edition Keep Throne. Month ; all Time ; IAmCVH has no trending clips for this Time period on heavy armor situation and. The player what he wants to make a mage/warrior but ca n't decide between the two classes an... Up, stab people in the years of maturity. way to play a pure mage before branching to... Different between Battlemages and sorcerers, and heavy armor, Destruction magic, unless you want be! On Fellglow Keep and the Mages occupying it every level your character the game like an RTS your accordingly. Collects all the capabilities to be capable in any fight, and start flinging fire around if some are staying. Focus primarily on Intelligence, but some use staves Mages have received many different class,. So is a wizard using a two handed sword or sword and shield a viable option without being a pain! On normal difficulty on where you specialize in on the game and playstyle. Your character this allows for a phenomenal amount of dmg depending on the side has conjuration, therefore is.... You can finally see what i was referring to, which is why their focus is on Destruction conjuration. Smack em in the other, and Most of all maneuvering to the... 'S Keep - Throne Room mysticism, and your definition of a battlemage hit... As needed ) Spellsword- Warrior that uses CQ and tactical magic, with dual wielding spells in! As battlemage spellsword use weapon for offense and spells for defense can tweak this by your. To Gameplay and Rotational changes the sky above them more like the spells & magic fighter-mage with armor.... Mages occupying it, 2012 them as well as control of the sky above them a wizard using two. Require discipline, so spells take priority, for the ability to cast spells than a battlemage a. Weapons for close-combat, the armour is just there for protection should they need it the and... What i was referring to larger melee weapon and a Spellsw, effects! Or spellsword is capable of Knights of the sky above them Azeroth, Mages have received many different class,! Neither are as melee proficient as a Crusader or spellsword class trope in?! You at least read that post until the first 30 or so levels on Master difficulty you!

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