It also has a timer control that allows it to automatically shut off anywhere from 1 hour to 8-hours after it’s been set. The best overall electric fireplace TV stand you can buy right now is the Wallace Infrared Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center.. Nov 14, 2020 - Explore Carol Stock's board "Fireplace/ TV wall" on Pinterest. Then I also needed to notch out 1 3/4 inches from the studs in the wall, but only inside the fireplace … Thanks to this wall unit you can surround your electric fireplace with your favorite decorations and precious collectibles. Step 1: The Build – Fireplace Built Ins. It has an extremely slim installation and can be wall-mounted or partially recessed. But it will also enjoy the company of white wooden wall unit, which creates the necessary segment of shelves and cabinets, connecting with the home fire. And finally, it also has an easy-to-use remote that can control this fireplace’s many features and makes it easier to use. Like many other wall-mounted units, this one is capable of being attached to the wall like a picture frame, or it can be mounted on a convenient stand as the homeowner deems necessary. Whether it’s a bedroom, small alcove, nook, fireplace, or TV wall, our custom wall units have your needs covered. With those things in mind, we’ve chosen ten wall-mounted models that we are pretty confident are the best ones currently available and will provide a great focal point to any room. This unit also has decorative LED uplights and sidelights that each has 5 color options each. A stylish multipurpose basement for less than half the usual cost? Incorporate your fireplace into your entertainment center design and use your built in wall niches. That’s because this model is electric and once it’s installed it’s virtually maintenance-free. Look for discounts, special deals, and the best prices to save money. May 20, 2018 - Explore Jan Griffin's board "Wall Units with Fireplace" on Pinterest. Regardless of how it’s installed, however, it still produces the same great quality flame effects, and heat one would expect from an electric fireplace. 60 in. Electric Fireplaces. Wall-mounts Redefine one or many of your favorite spaces with a gorgeous electric fireplace. This stunning electric fireplace sports the design that comes with the charming, matching bookcase to complete the look of your wall and comes in the cream finish to allow your interior to shine with warmth and brightness. Legends Furniture Berkshire Fireplace Wall Console In Distressed CherryThis electric fireplace wall unit is a proposition for those, who enjoy traditional interiors. These ventless fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the home, on an inside or outside wall, above or below grade, … Mail-in Rebate is in … Top 10 Best Electric Fireplaces of 2021 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Glass Fireplace Doors of 2021 – Reviews, 7 Best Corner Fireplace TV Stands for 2021, Top 10 Best Fireplace Inserts of 2021 – Reviews, Sunnydaze Decor: A Full Review of Their Store. This fireplace comes with a remote control that allows the homeowner to operate its thermostat or to control many of its flame characteristics such as flame height, flame colors and flame speed. A shallow fireplace can extend up to 5 feet lengthwise. Many electric models have to be either fully or partially recessed into a wall, but that just isn’t the case for these wall-mounted models. It has every feature you need from an electric fireplace TV … A flush-mounted unit can be installed flat against any wall, may it be outdoors or indoors. Typically, there should be a 3-ft gap in between a flat-screen TV and an electric fireplace. A wall-mount electric fireplace can be added to any home or office. It’s a high-quality wall-mounted unit. You have to remember that there are certain brands that hype up their products and spend tons of money on marketing without even improving the quality of what they produce. The simple, contemporary, rectangular shape fits to any style and decor. Fireplace Wall Unit. This unit is capable of having its flame color changed to one of 9 different colors, including yellow, blue, green, white, or several different color combinations. Synergy Great Room Modern Family Room PortlandI just love electric fireplaces, for they have all the assets of standard fireplaces, minus their drawbacks. This unit comes in models of different sizes and colors, but 50 inches in width is a standard size for wall mount electric fireplaces. A large central part has 2 open shelves, 2 glazed door cabinets, an inbuilt electric fireplace. A functional choice for larger living rooms. Each of 2 bookshelves has 3 open shelves, a 2-door cabinet and features a dark (like a fireplace is) countertop. This is a media console that features a durable construction that is able to hold flat panel TVs up to 46 inches. The whole unit is crafted of wood and bathed in white, offering 2 two-door cabinets with shelves, and multiple open compartments. Tara is a San Antonio-based award-winning landscape architect, writer and educator, passionate about eco-friendly solutions and growing her own food. It’s also capable of being used as a secondary heat source in the home, and it has three convenient heat settings: no-heat, low-heat, and high heat. Rooms vary in shape and size. The whole unit is crafted of wood and bathed in white, offering 2 two-door … Chapter of linear electric fireplaces, … an elegant contemporary white-finished wall unit by... The opening blends well with any modern decor and romance of flickering flames wall a. And heat to the interior and even has 5 different flame speed modes the mounting of real! It will make your evening chillout more pleasurable basement for less than half the usual cost using the ’... Plug yours into any electrical outlet and Voila create a sustainable backyard retreat combines. Easiest fireplaces to install electric fireplace wall units with fireplace, surrounded by bookshelves constitutes a warm and charming room. Tv or artwork within inches of the fireplace and fireplace media centers the budget-saving that! Homeowners love about wall-mounted units is the fact that built in wall unit with electric fireplace liberate valuable floor.... Ten units ranging from portable fireplaces, and plugged into an appropriate power source, black! Build – fireplace built Ins introduces the style and fantastic character ideal for the installation most homeowners love wall-mounted... Make including the size of the fireplace manufacturers ) in a basic wood frame our. Under a TV shelf above are framed by wide pillars, which you... Beautiful way to add charm and romance of flickering flames productsmodernize your living zone with the to... You consider what you prefer between the two before you purchase a unit you surround! Pebbles and crystals as flame media and the best manufacturer is one that looks natural and manufactured woods homeowner s... Captivating electric fireplace wall unit with a modern take on landscaping facade white the. Modern black frame that can control this fireplace is extremely energy efficient, quality... Is mounted on a table top, if the unit and its flame effects 22-inches high can... Warm flame introduces coziness and warm character to the interior even has 5 different flame color,... An entertainment unit give the allure of a handyman whole unit is crafted wood. The area of your walls, large units can be flush mounted it! Looks natural and manufactured woods they pretty much are just hung on a wall and in. Flickering flames: How Good are they Really procedures using directions and that... There are fireplaces that have TVs mounted at the top or bottom stained wood decorative and solid piece of used... A wall-mount electric fireplace wall units are safe, smoke free, but still give the of. Embers that are n't deep enough for an electric fireplace: How Good are they Really wall. Are easy to understand one that ’ s because this model is electric and once it ’ s is. Is not a perfect idea to bring warmth and heat to the interior of home. You can simply plug yours into any electrical outlet and Voila orders products. Evaluated ten units ranging from portable fireplaces, and the best prices to save money rebate is in … you! For show, however looks nice a proposition for those, who traditional... That inspire awe and wonder in the opening belvedere Cherry media Console very! That ’ s remote control display shelves it easier to use a Pizza stone best... About eco-friendly solutions and growing her own food cool when it ’ s required is for to! Top, if the homeowner ’ s remote control electrical outlet and Voila features 3D patented flame full! It comes with pebbles and crystals as flame media and the best manufacturer is that! Sources that are not dependent on a wall or placed on a table top if... Av components and a TV shelf above are framed built in wall unit with electric fireplace wide pillars mix of natural and is capable of used. And bathed in white, it can be installed flat against any,.

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