3. Top synonyms for administrative director (other words for administrative director) are administrative manager, administrative head and executive director. Chief Operating Officer (Facebook, Beyond Meat), Executive Vice President (EVP) of Global Operations (Microsoft has 2 business line leaders with such EVP Ops-related titles), Chief Operations Officer (TechCrunch uses), Chief Technology & Operations Officer (Docusign), Chief Legal & Operations Officer (Eventbrite), Vice President of Operations (Zeus Living uses), Vice President and Head of Global Operations (Facebook), VP Commerce Business & Operations (Facebook), EVP Strategic Business Operations (Salesforce) (an EVP is usuall the #1 Operations person but in Salesforce’s case, it’s the #2 Ops role because Salesforce has a President and COO), Head of Business Operations (Juniper Square), Continuous Improvement Lead (Cargill uses), Director of International Operations (Spin), Senior Director Business Operations (Beyond Meat), Sr. CEO. Daily duties of an Operations Coordinator include: An Operations Analyst conducts research and analyzes workflow processes to improve business procedures. The COO is the second chain of command in an organization and usually oversees the other executives. Which Operations job titles make sense for you and your team? Assistant Plant Manager/Operations Chief Operating Officer (COO) Division Operations Manager Golf Club Manager. An Operations Coordinator works with an Operations Manager to ensure the goals, meetings, and schedules of each department work in harmony. An Operations Assistant works directly with an Operations Manager to ensure a smooth workflow. Chief Information Security Consultant; Principal Information Assurance Officer; Senior Information Security Risk Officer; Information Security Assurance Analyst; Yes. The CEO is the highest title presiding over the other executives in a business. Primary responsibilities: Chief information officers are in charge of information technology within a corporation. Organizations are receptive to the idea of an alternative title as long as you have the data to back it up. By definition, depending on the company, COOs oversee business operations. They report directly to the CEO and work closely with them to provide the organization with strategy, vision and financial management. There isn't an equivalent title, because by definition, a CTO is the head, technical person in the company. Here is a list of executive titles in order from the highest-ranking executive position to the lowest ranking position: Tier 1 includes the C-level executives of a company and is considered senior management. Primary responsibilities: Chief financial officers are responsible for managing the overall financial actions of a company. You can read about their similarities, and differences, in The Top 20 Administrative Job Titles [with Descriptions]. Primary responsibilities: A director of operations is responsible for the profitability and growth of an organization or company. In a financial institution, a CFO is the highest-ranking executive. They are responsible for planning IT strategies that fit into the overall strategies and goals of a company. Middle managers are semi-executive positions that are responsible for leading teams of employees and ensuring their productivity aligns with the organization's goals. Monitoring profit margins and employee productivity are also tasks of a VP Of Operations. What is Operations? Operations Job Titles Hierarchy — The standard for Operations department positions…a mini org chart if you will. administrative manager. Each executive's responsibilities and daily tasks will vary based on the company they work for. They are the visionaries of a company and often set the tone and corporate culture. This title is similar to or the same as a chief of marketing, chief information officer or chief marketing officer. Duties of an Operations Specialist include: # of job title searches per month: 600; Business Operations Specialist: 150. An Operations Analyst conducts internal audits and creates reports to propose plans and processes to improve an organization’s bottom line. May 21, 2020 by Heather Barbour in Job Titles, The Top 20 Administrative Job Titles [with Descriptions], 100+ Creative & Funny Job Titles [by Department & Position. These titles include: Tier 2 business titles are considered middle management of a company. Title: Chief Accounting Officer Company: Veracity Payment Solutions (Chief Accounting Officer, Veracity Payment Solutions) | Sep 5, 2013. Lots of infosec titles shared the most popular spot on our listing. The 20 Most Searched-For Operations Titles — A pie chart of the top 20 Operations positions that candidates search for on Google. Thinker of Deep Thoughts Chief Visionary (aka Chief Vision… … alternate titles: operations officer National average salary: $140,450 per year. Manager Business Operations & Strategy (SurveyMonkey uses), Senior Manager Business Operations (Slack), Strategy & Operations Intern (Salesforce), Overseeing financial information and budgets, Overseeing supply chain and inventory control, Developing long-term excellence initiatives, Managing the Operations Manager’s schedule, Assisting with departmental changes and improvements, Provide training for employees to upgrade skills, Provide support to senior management for improvement plans, Assist in creating company-wide standards. Individual Contributors – Operations Coordinator, Operations Specialist, Operations Analyst, Operations Engineer, Process Engineer, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Operations Specialist, Operations Technician, Operations Consultant. They handle the day-to-day administration and operation of a business. # of job title searches per month: 600; Ops Analyst: 450; Operations Research Analyst: 250; Business Process Analyst: 150; Business Operations Analyst: 150. I’m involved with a fantastic little startup game and publishing company. 2021 HR Trend overview available: 11 HR Trends to take into account for 2021 . VP Finance would typically be seen as above a Controller. Similar Job Titles . Instead, they may choose to delegate these responsibilities to other C-level executives. In most corporate offices, a COO is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and keeping the CEO aware of significant changes or events. Primary responsibilities: A chief compliance officer is an executive who makes sure a company is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements from outside the company as well as internal policies. Other tasks of an Operations Analyst include performing statistical analysis, assessing the market environment, and verifying employee performance files. The Chief of Staff Alternative To the CEO-COO Structure. President roles will vary greatly based on the structure of an organization and what role the board of directors requires or prefers a president of a company to have. Operations Manager, Banking Operations Manager, Retail. Primary responsibilities: The president of a company is often the same position as a COO of a company. chief of operations. There is a specific hierarchy to each executive title. National average salary: $129,961 per year. Primary responsibilities: A COO works closely with the CEO of a company, and their role is defined by the CEO. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. They also work with management and employees to assess and manage regulatory risk. They also manage and motivate teams for quality assurance and productivity. Vice President or VP This title is often used for the experienced managers reporting to the Chief Executive Officer … Tim Cook, for example, was COO at Apple before being named CEO in 2011; Pamela Nicholson was COO at Enterprise Holdings before being named CEO in 2013; and Steve Ballmer was named president of Microsoft and was considered second in command before being named CEO in 2000. At some banks and credit unions, there might have been a Chief Retail Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Lending Officer, Chief Marketing Officer or (more recently) a Chief Compliance Officer. Check out Ongig.com to learn more. They track the cash flow of a company, handle financial planning, analyze the company's finances to identify strengths and weaknesses, and they propose action plans to fix financial issues. They are also responsible for managing the accounting and finance divisions of a company to ensure reports are finished accurately and on time. Business titles or corporate titles are given to those who have a high level of responsibility for a company's success and profitability. These are the highest titles in an organization, and these titles are given to individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in business management, strategy and marketing. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) oversees the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures. The only C’s with “real” power, Stevens says, are the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and, occasionally, Chief Operating Officer. operations chief. Operations and Administrative jobs are also a common overlap. As a senior executive, a COO works directly with the Chief Executive Officer to implement strategies and projects to help the business run smoothly. This mini-report is the latest chapter in Ongig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide. This role may also work closely with project managers for specific programs they need to develop budgets for. Many companies are adopting more descriptive titles all around, for example, the VP of Sales in some companies is the Chief Revenue Officer. Operations positions make an organization run smoothly. — Best practices on roles and department names. “What are some cool alternative titles for executives of a company (instead of the usual CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, etc. 79 Title Chief Operating Officer jobs available on Indeed.com. incident commander. A COO may oversee or manage human resource management as well. # of job title searches per month: 400; Vice President of Operations: 200; VP Operations: 150. In situations where the company does not have a chief executive officer or president on site, the COO serves as the top executive in their absence. Doug Eadie • June 15, 2017 • 0 Comments Doug Eadie. Chief Operating Officer. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Some organizations have one vice president or multiple vice presidents depending on the size of their company or the industry. The chief technology officer (CTO) job title has been floating around the IT industry for at least a decade now, so it's had enough time to settle in. This supports our mission to transform job descriptions. They may also organize training and evaluate employee performance to maintain a productive and healthy workplace. Here is a simple definition from Operations Job Titles Explained (Monster) article. Vice presidents may also have a specific area of expertise that they apply to their roles. Most executives perform many job duties that may not be directly related to their job title. Other tasks of an Operations Associate are: An Operations Engineer is responsible for analyzing organizational systems and performance reports. A list with HR job titles. A Director of Operations is sometimes known as the COO in larger organizations. Associate Director, Non-Profit Organization Primary responsibilities: Chief marketing officers are in charge of facilitating growth and increasing sales for a company. That’s the approach taken at leading companies (both old and new) such as: However, some companies have Operations positions with slightly different names, often overlapping related teams such as Project & Program Management or Supply Chain & Logistics departments. A CEO is usually chosen by the board of directors and their shareholders. In larger organizations, a president is responsible for implementing corporate goals with a more hands-on approach, and they deal directly with the entire workforce. We started talking about job titles and I said I’d take a look at compiling some humorous ones that reflected our roles. I reviewed Operations job titles searched for by candidates (and employers!) Examples of job titles for Operations leaders include: Examples of Operations Vice President titles commonly used include: Here are some of the top most used Operations director titles: There are numerous Operations Manager alternative titles to use. Business titles and responsibilities likely have a wide range depending on each company and their needs. Some companies have COOs and director of operations positions. The title of president is often considered a title similar to COO. Examples of entry-level Operations titles include: Below is a list of the top 20 Operations job titles based on Google queries we found on ahrefs. A few other credible ones would include Chairman of the Board (COB), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Here’s a typical org chart of Operations position titles. A VP of Operations develops new processes and makes recommendations for streamlining processes based on research by other Operations employees. Though I know it is used in some nonprofits, in my particular field it's pretty rare, so I'm trying to find a better alternative. C-level executives are responsible for the strategizing and decision-making that contributes to the success of a company or organization. Primary responsibilities: CEOs are responsible for overseeing the entire C-level executive team. Example: Senior Vice President, Marketing. National average salary: $120,770 per year. Responsibilities shouldered by the Chief Executive Officer (a.k.a. This title is often used for the managers reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Most large companies have an Operations department and usually, it is simply called “Operations”. alternate titles: detail sergeant; 375.137-010 COMMANDER, IDENTIFICATION AND RECORDS (government ser.) If there is a dispute between two department managers, the COO steps in to … A list that can inspire you, when you still are in need of a job title. Here’s a little more texture on each of the 6 levels of Operations roles: Operations usually reports into the Operations team run by the Chief Operations Officer. A director of operations will report to the COO in a company that has both positions. National average salary: $112,353 per year. They collaborate with various departments to improve the functionality and business processes for each department. The VP of Service is adopting the Chief Experience Officer title. Some organizations may not have this position. They are the individuals who must strategize, plan and collaborate to keep a company or organization operating efficiently. Vice presidents may also have a specific area of expertise that they apply to their roles. See What are skills required to become a CTO? The COO role is nothing new to the sector. Operations Manager is the #1 searched-for job by candidates and is also the #1 most requested operations job description by employers (see Top 10 list below). As a key member of the senior management team, the COO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and establishes policies that promote company culture and vision through its operations. I figured it was worth sharing since some of these are pretty funny. An Operations Manager is a key upper-level manager that leads company efficiency and productivity. Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) - Officer responsible for managing risks related to … 375.117-010 POLICE CHIEF (government ser.) With the proper training, experience, and skills, an individual can fill this role in a variety of organizations, such as a for-profit business, non-profit organization, government entity, or school. National average salary: $128,561 per year. A CIO also manages the information technology department. Although management structures vary according to the company, the COO typically reports to the chief executive officer and president, if more than one person holds those titles. These C-level executives have a chain of command that they follow to ensure the success and profitability of the company they work for. operations director. Apply to Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, Operations Officer and more! This title is similar to or the same as a chief of marketing, chief information officer or chief marketing officer. National average salary: $127,622 per year. I believe Wayne's answer gets to that point. The senior leadership team was anchored by the CEO, COO and CFO. CEOs in smaller corporations may deal with the day-to-day functions of a company. While the amount of people majoring in courses preparing people for a job as a operations manager isn’t necessarily dropping, fewer and fewer people are applying to become operations managers in the first place and the workforce itself is looking grim. Operations Manager Water Superintendent. They must shift and adjust to market trends that change rapidly in today's market. National average salary: $126,055 per year. An Operations Assistant is an entry-level role and completes administrative tasks that are related to the day-to-day activities of an organization. Duties of an Operations Supervisor include: # of job title searches per month: 250; Operations Officer: 200; Business Operations Manager: 150; Manager of Operations:150. 375.137-014 DESK OFFICER (government ser.) What they do: It’s a little ambiguous. head of operations. He usually enjoys significant autonomy. This can include data analysis, customer segmentation, measuring the effectiveness of production and communication strategies and, generally, greasing squeaky wheels. alternate titles: police inspector, chief; 375.133-010 POLICE SERGEANT, PRECINCT I (government ser.) An Operations Engineer also monitors operating trends that affect efficiency, cost savings, energy savings, time savings, and employee safety. A VP of Operations tracks industry changes and recommends processes to improve organizational goals and processes. Below are the top 11 Operations Job Description titles employers request on Google, according to ahrefs. Administrative Director synonyms. They may also create policies and operations strategies that they must communicate to employees to ensure employees are aligned with corporate goals. Present the Benefit An Operations Specialist is an experienced Operations professional that works with the senior management to help improve workflow and day-to-day business activities. Primary responsibilities: Corporate vice presidents are the second or third in command in a company, depending on the company's specific structure. National average salary: $101,839 per year. The "C" in C-level jobs means chief. These roles are direct subordinates of Tier 1 business titles. This person may also be called the company’s President. Chief Operating Officer Job Summary. # of job title searches per month: 3,200; Operations Director: 250. For instance, a CIO may recreate a website that attracts more customers or they may integrate new software to assist with inventory management. I’ve included a brief description for each as well as the # of job title searches per month by employers. Executive job titles also include those with president or director in their job title, and these executives collaborate with C-level executives to make decisions and strategize. Operations Job Titles and Descriptions — A list of the top 11 Operations job titles and descriptions that employers request. Their responsibilities include developing and executing strategies that drive the organization to promote brand awareness and provide the company with a competitive advantage. It’s tough to be a operations manager nowadays, and more and more of them are losing confidence in their own profession.. These titles include: To resolve conflicts, you will often need to read both verbal and non-verbal communication cues, remain calm and control your own emotions, and understand the position of the other parties. The tension between the need to get things done, get others to do things, bridge the “white space” between organization units, and to represent the organization externally (e.g. National average salary: $126,848 per year. Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Chief Operations Officer, President & COO, Executive VP of Operations. and my findings are below. Each executive has their own unique set of responsibilities that often change depending on the industry and company the executive works for. VP of Operations – Vice President of Operations,  SVP Operations, VP Business Operations, Operations Management, VP of Finance & Operations, Director of Operations – Operations Director, Business Operations Director, Team Lead Operations, Director of Business Operations, Senior Director Business Operations, Strategy & Operations Leader, Operations Manager – Business Operations Manager, Office Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor, General Manager of Operations. They also are responsible for making the major decisions, managing the resources and overall operations of a company. Entry Level – Operations Intern, Operations Management Trainee, Operations Assistant, Global Operations Intern, Entry Level Operations Analyst. A CEO in a large corporation will deal with strategic decision-making that directs a company toward overall growth. “…an Operations employee contributes to making an employer’s wheels run less expensively with fewer squeaks and bumps.”. National average salary: $101,839 per year Primary responsibilities: Corporate vice presidents are the second or third in command in a company, depending on the company's specific structure. However, the hierarchy and titles may differ depending on the company or organization. An Operations Supervisor, or Business Operations Manager, leads the Operations team in increasing productivity and workflow. An Operations Assistant duties vary buy industry but may include: A VP of Operations is a leadership role that manages the efficiency of an organization. A CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest top-level executive position within a for-profit … Chief Operating Officer (COO) - The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company. These executives are usually the head of the compliance department and they manage the auditing of internal procedures. administrative director. General / Operations Manager Director Non-Profit Organization. COO – Chief Operating Officer – This person is responsible for the day to day operations or an organization. The duties of an Operations Manager are: A COO, also known as a Chief Operating Officer, manages the day-to-day operations and logistics of an organization. National average salary: $134,747 per year. Other vice presidents work in middle management and deal more directly with the workforce as supervisors of middle management. chief operations. In many respects, it will be similar to a Chief Operating Officer role, but this title feels too "corporate". I have been in the same role in multiple smaller companies and have had each of the titles. This enables innovation by updating platforms, digital tools, technologies and services. For example, although there is a Korean translation for chief operating officer (최고운영책임자, choego unyŏng chaegimja), not many companies have yet adopted it with an exception of a few multi-national companies such as Samsung and CJ (a spin-off from Samsung), while the CFO title is often used alongside other titles such as bu-sajang (SEVP) or Jŏnmu (EVP). If the company doesn't have a CTO, then it does not value the technical aspects enough to need anything beyond grunt-level IT. A Director of Operations is also responsible for monitoring workflow and ensuring optimal productivity and performance across an organization. A Director of Operations helps senior management develop long-term business strategies and manages the planning of department budgets and objectives. In addition to the sources cited above, special thanks to these experts on operations titles: My team and I share this research on Operations job titles to help you optimize your own titles. The COO is often seen as the heir apparent. Learn how to write an effective personal statement for graduate school with these tips and examples. Executive job titles are used to describe individuals who have C-level jobs. operations manager. Chief People Officer (CPO) - Person in charge of every aspect of employee life cycle in an organization. The title "chief operating officer" refers to the position’s control over the day-to-day operations of the business. )?” A CEO could effectively use the title Director of…and name the operations he has the most focus on within the company. The Most Common Information Security Titles. An Operations Associate works directly with the Operations Management team to make recommendations for business performance improvement.

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